The doors in our homes may receive more wear, tear, use and sometime abuse than any other area. Sometimes adjustments or repairs are needed just to due to use and wear. Other times foundation settling can cause issues. Are there doors in your house that don't close or latch properly? Hogan the Handyman can help with that. Also, if full replacement is necessary due to damage or warping, we can do that as well. You might have worn locks, handles or deadbolts that need replacement. We can certainly handle those items.

Something that sometimes gets overlooked is worn weather strips on exterior doors. Not only does this increase the load on our heating and air condition systems, it can also result in water intrusion and related damage. Hogan the Handyman can inspect your doors and advise if the stripping needs replacement.

We serve the Weatherford, Aledo, Springtown and Parker County area.
Whether you are in the budgeting stage or whether you have an urgent door repair issue, Hogan the Handyman is happy to hear from you.

Please see our "Contact" page on the menu above. You may email, text or call us directly at (682) 558-9846 to discuss your project.

Here are a few door services we provide:

  • Repairs and Adjustments
  • Replace Damaged Doors
  • Replace Broken or Damaged Door jambs
  • Adjustments needed due to settling
  • Install or Replace Locks, Latches and Hinges
  • Adjust tracks and hardware on Sliding Doors
  • Replace worn weather stripping
  • Install Storm Doors
  • Install Doggie or Pet Doors